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The Third Eye.  In cultures across the globe, the third eye is said to be the part of the human soul that has perception beyond the normal, human senses.

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Explore our wide selection of dishes. We make dishes from purely natural raw materials prepared solely according to the recipes of our ancestors.

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The search for new and exciting flavors is nothing new.  In antiquity, explorers hungered for one thing then any other; a doorway to the culinary wonders of Asia.  They sought the majestic, foreign lands that lay upon the Indian ocean, where wondrous and exotic foods were found in abundance.  They traveled for months, sometimes years, in hazardous conditions.  Many perished for the splendor of the unique flavors found only in that region.

The Third Eye.  A restaurant focused on bringing you a new range of scents and flavors.  A fusion between the bold richness of both Nepalese and Indian cuisine.  The spicy, herbal aroma of a traditionally made curry.  The rich and vibrancy of dal soup.  The wholesome goodness of nan bread, baked in the same restaurant where it served.  These and many others await your palate at The Third Eye.